2019 5-Frame Nuc

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Nuc consists of:

  • A 2019 mated and laying queen (non-marked)
  • Pro Nuc Box
  • 5 deep frames consisting of:
    • 2 deep frames of current queen brood
    • 2 deep frames of honey/pollen/brood
    • 1 frame mixed of bees, honey/pollen/brood/foundation for expansion

* Bees can change occupancy of frames as they see fit.

Pick Up Information:

We have completed our normal pick up dates. If you are interested, we may have some nucs still available. Please call for availability and to arrange a pick up time.


Pick Up Location:

Bohman  Bee Company
244 West LaGrange Rd.
Hanover, IN 47243

 Pick Up and Install Instructions


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