Winter Feeding

Like last week, we took advantage of the warmer weather today(55) and finalized our hives for winter. Again, something that should have been done months ago. In order to combat this, I have started to put a schedule together for next year. I plan on sticking to this. We will see how that goes.

Dad and I went out and put sugar boards and mouse guards on the hives. Here are my notes from today


  • 1 Double (Weak)
  • 1 Triple (Strong) - flying today

We need to reevaluate whether we want to keep hives here or not. We had a pretty large fall lose. We think it may be due to farm overspray. This is something that the will have to monitor this year and make a decision. 


  • 6 Doubles
  • 1 Single

All hives appear to be in good condition. We noticed that these hives were shaded and not flying at all. This is also a location that we may want to reevaluate.

Joe's Bottom

  • 3 Singles
  • 4 Doubles
  • 1 Single dead

All in good shape


  • 7 Doubles
    • 6 Good
    • 1 Light on bees

Gave all hives 3 bricks each


  • 4 Doubles (Good Shape)
  • 1 Single/Nuc (Weak)

Gave all hives 3 bricks each.



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