Last Minute Winter Prep

Today Nicholas and I spent the day in the bee yards. It was warmer today (50 degrees) and thought that it would be a good time to get into the hives. We needed to pull strips and put candy boards and mouse guards on - which should have been done weeks ago.

We didn't do a great job preparing the bees for winter. We did not get any liquid feed on and I thought that the bees would be light. This was true for some of the hives - however, I was pleasantly surprised by others. We did have a couple of hives that ended up starving.



Tom's ("nursery" location)

  • 2 Nucs
  • 2 Singles
  • 4 Doubles
  • Nucs are small
  • 2 of the double are in pretty good shape
  • Rest of the hives are okay
  • 1 Nuc starved

Watkin's ("nursery" location)

  • 1 Nuc
  • 4 Singels
  • 6 Doubles
  • East end look really good
  • West are a little weaker

Mom and Dad's

  • 5 Doubles
  • 2 Triples
  • Every thing looks good


  • 10 Doubles 
  • Every thing looks good
  • 2 Dead outs


  • 3 Doubles 
  • 1 ok
  • 2 really strong


  • 12 Doubles 
  • All look really good I was impressed with these


  • 16 Doubles
  • Look good
  • left strips on since we got these on late


I was a little disappointed in our hive count. I still have a few yards to go through but I can tell that next year will be a rebuilding year. 


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