Equipment Storage

Equipment Storage

Well I've spent the last couple of days getting the rest of our equipment put indoors for the winter. I've learned the hard way that we need to keep all of the boxes put away - and not laying in the yard. I had a lot of pieces that were water logged or had mice nests. This did not make things fun. I think we will have enough equipment for next year. I counted the following equipment inventory:

  • 150 Supers with foundation
  • 41 Deeps with foundation
  • 54 Nucs with foundation
  • 53 drawn deeps
  • 200 drawn supers
  • ~ 80 lids
  • ~ 120 bottom boards

Hive Bodies

I hope to get bees in all of the deep boxes next year. Which means I have A LOT of splitting to do. I am working on a plan to make about 160 splits. I'm not sure if we have enough bees to make that happen. I guess I will see in the spring. I'll probably need to get more lids and deeps if I can build those splits to full hives. 

Lids and bottom boards

Nicholas has been working hard on assembling the deep hive bodies that we bought in the spring. I plan to use these to make retail displays. 

As you can see we have a lot of equipment maintenance to complete. A lot of our "lids" do not have the metal wrap on them and are not painted. I hate painting but I guess it's part of it. 

Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer. The high will be 50. I plan to get out to the bee yards to do some last minute winter preparation. 


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